These are crazy times for Jordan and the whole world indeed, and a lot of people are having their share or problems as a result of the pandemic, especially business owners who, a big percentage of, were already running low on cash and did not anticipate something like COVID-19 changing the world.

While some say that the whole thing is just an exaggeration, most people are afraid, and that is a fact, unfortunately. Anyone who has any cash left is holding on to it, and people are spending less. And after the quarantine started in Jordan, it is even harder for business owners to maintain their organizations. This, and no need to mention that a lot of businesses are laying off many employees because they just can’t pay salaries when there are no sales to drive revenue. Most companies, and it’s the logical thing to do, are cutting costs wherever they can to minimize losses especially that no one truly knows when all of this would end, or even what would happen after all of this ends.

And in the midst of Jordan’s economic crisis, businesses are struggling to keep their existing clients, what does that leave us to say about gaining new clients? What a lot of businesses don’t know is that they can use these times to their advantage. They can catch up with bigger competitors and build a solid customer base so when this all ends, they would face less problems regaining their potential.
Enough talking, let us now examine how you could start using quarantine to your advantage to try increasing your sales, or even just maintain your current sales and how to benefit as much as you can, especially that now, stores are starting to open again in Jordan.

Go Online! Building a website

Now that, the Jordanian government is starting to allow stores to open, businesses could go back to working. But would that be enough to return their sales and customers to the way they were? Even though a lot of sectors could go back to working, people are still afraid, and everyone is trying to minimise their spendings as much as they can. People would probably stay home, and would want their goods delivered to them, especially that the government states that some sectors are only allowed to work on delivery.

The good old days when someone would call you to order something are over, the world has evolved and companies like Carrefour have managed to adapt to its ever evolving customer needs, and the results? fantastic. How? Simple, they took their business online, they made it more convenient for customers to order from them than their competitors when they launched their app, why wouldn’t people prefer them after all, it’s easier?

Now is the perfect time to start building your “virtual” online store. These days, having an online store is as important, if not more important, than an actual physical location. And unfortunately, a lot of business owners cannot see this and are leaving customers and money on the table for the ones who do actually adapt to customer needs. Customers want want convenience, they don’t just want quality, they don’t want to have a hard time getting what they want, and if you don’t make your customer’s life easier, someone else will.

To build your online store, you first need a website if your budget is small, and if not, it is better to get a website and an app. Let’s focus on building a website as it would be your first main step.

Benefits of owning a website
(especially during quarantine)

A website is something essential in these technological days, not just for the customers, but for your organization itself. Having a website will remove many tedious tasks that you might have had to do earlier. Without mentioning all the processes (sales, marketing, etc…) that could be automated on your website, having, for example, an e-commerce website (like amazon, a website where you could place orders online) would allow all your orders to be made through a system, no need for your employees to spend many hours talking to a client and knowing exactly what they want, it’s easier for you and the client.

In addition, if you are taking care of your website and constantly posting content that target people’s needs, you will have a lot of people visit your website, and when someone on the internet sees something that they like they might share it with their friends. You could have thousands of potential clients viewing your website and taking all their decisions through the resources you provided on your website, without the need of any human interaction, this would give your employees more time to do other useful tasks. And when clients come to you, most of their decision would already be made!

A website would also allow clients to contact you when they have a question or are ready to take a decision. Not to mention the obvious advantage of this, you would get their contact information to save it to your client database or for your sales representatives to be able to talk to them and move them further down your sales funnel.

Although having a website has so much more benefits to your business, we would stick with these for now.

Having a website would be a turning point for your business during quarantine, when everyone prefers (or are obligated) to stay home, you should be the one they would go to to get their needs, and you should make it easier for them to get what they want. As mentioned earlier, having a website would not just benefit your organization during quarantine, it would benefit it even after all of this ends. How, you ask? Well, imagine this, your clients are now all at their homes and need your particular product, they go online and they find that you are the only one who has an online platform that supports them to order online and have goods delivered to them. When they need your products again after the crisis ends, who would be their go to store, who would they remember? Exactly.

And if one of your competitors already has a website for a long time, now is your chance to catch up, they are probably scared too and are cutting costs and caring for their website is their last priority. It’s your chance, give potential clients a reason to order from you rather than your competitors, make it easier for them to find you and get their needs, start building your customer base slowly, but you need to start somewhere.

You could also start marketing your products through your website, which is not just necessary during these times as now that you built it, you want people to know you have an online store and can make their lives easier. This is where digital marketing comes to play, you would be able to find your customers where they are searching for their needs and provide them the solution they are waiting for: your product. And with a website you can make it better, easier, and more convenient for them to order from you.

Disadvantages of owning a website
(especially during quarantine)

Although owning a website is essential, it comes with its drawbacks.

  • for extremely complex websites, price would start to skyrocket quickly. Even if it meant not getting all the features you wanted to, it is better to build an unfinished website than not have one at all. If you don’t need a complex website and just want a great designed simple website that does the job you need it to do, no need to worry about the price, a simple website won’t put a whole in your pocket.
  • Time: you would have to wait a minimum of a two weeks to get a high quality website, so the sooner you start, the earlier you are done. In addition, you can’t just publish your website and that’s it. Like an automobile, it needs care and time. You would have to have the help of an agency to maintain and upload new content to this website to keep people interested, if you can’t do it yourself. Although this may sound as a simple task, it is not, you will actually have to put the time to take care of your customers on your website so they would be attracted to your products and services.

In conclusion

All of what has been said about owning a website is for sure going to increase your customers and in turn, increase your sales. Owning a website is extremely essential before, during, and after quarantine. And although there are many more ways you can increase sales, owning a website would open many other doors for you that would make your life and gaining customers easier (for example digital marketing, as stated earlier)

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